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RPG Spain Spring Cup 2018 - Trackbuilding Contest

RPG Spain Spring Cup 2018 - Trackbuilding Contest

Postby Xerox » 28.05.2018, 16:42


5th edition of RPG Spain Spring Cup is here! This time it's an special edition, since we will also celebrate the 10th Anniversary of RPG! As usual, maps will be needed, so I'd appreciate if you read everything. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to post it.

Registration: No registration is needed, just contact me if you want to submit a map. You can contact me online on RPG servers, PM-ing me here or posting here a comment.

Past Winners:

2013 This is the only room by Holzbalken
2014 Celestial Sentence by kill-evil
2015 Cube 1997 by Kangawallapuss
2017 Yggdrasil! by Niro

Information and rules:

• Game: TMNF
• Map lenght: Between 8-12 for a very good run.
• Unlimiter tracks are not allowed.
• Map style: You can submit any RPG map style you want (techy, speedy, overmixed..), we will test every track submitted.

Special maps needed:

• 1 Pathfinding map [Ideal: 2h30+ First Run].
• 1 Multilap map [Ideal: 3-4 minutes/lap].
• 1 KO suited map [Ideal: Very easy but interesting, 5-6 minutes].
• If you have something different, feel free to submit it, it might get used too!

• Deadline: 5th August
• Avoid private tests. Just test with RPG SPAIN members and accepted betatesters.
• Track should be new and must be unreleased.
• If we accept your map, DON'T release it until I tell you to do so.
• A mod should be used - If you don't know how to use a mod, or make it auto-downloadable, just ask and I'll help.

I advise you to make at least 1 beta-testing with us, so we can find cuts, cp-misses, or any other stuff that needs to be fixed to improve the quality of your track.


Maps will be graded following this 4 points. Max. points will be 100 and it will be divided like this:

Athmosphere (30 points):

This point is basic when you think about a good RPG map. We will judge your map's athmosphere following this steps.

Scenery: A good scenery always helps to get immersed in the track, and helps when you want to make players feel your created story. I will count both top overview (cam7 view) and driving parts view.
Story: If you want a map with a nice athmosphere, a good creative and interesting story always will help you. A story about "Search that mine" or "Find the lost key" are not an example of something creative.
MT: You don't need to use MT to get a good looking map. But if you are good with the mediatracker, you can use it to get a better athmosphere! A good intro would be nice and some nicely done ingame MT would give you some extra points.

Driving (30 points):

A 10 minutes CircuitBase map it's not something we want. We want tracks with creative and original tricks/routes, try new ideas.

• Bugs related to the track won't help you to get extra points. Test your own track, try to hunt it, and check if there are problems on certain spots.
• New tricks will help you to get many points on this section. But we don't want the same trick many times on the same map, we want different things, so feel free to try and try!

Design/Building (25 points):

• Avoid flickers as much as you can. Most of them are easy to detect and to fix, but we will help you with beta-testing, finding them and telling how to get rid of them.
• Try to avoid ugly parts too, like missing dirthills, grass holes, roadclips, unconnected poles or bad transitions. They won't make any good on your map.

Bonus points (15 points):

• An enjoyable track, a track that you would drive again and again without getting bored can make you get some points here.
• Make the track as lighter as possible, a track with 20k coppers might lag and that won't help you to get this points.
• Also, if you made an own mod and fits a good story for your track, a nice MT and scenery work will help you here.


Best Map: 120000 CC + Gold Tag
2nd Map: 90000 CC + Gold Tag
3rd Map: 60000 CC + Gold Tag

4th: 40000 CC + Silver Tag
5th: 20000 CC + Silver Tag
6th: 10000 CC + Silver Tag
7th: 5000 CC + Silver Tag
8th-11th: 1000 CC + Bronze Tag


If you want to donate coppers or any special prizes to us, you can send your coppers to this account (login: eliasdarka95) so we can make better prizes for both building and driving contests!
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Re: RPG Spain Spring Cup 2018 - Trackbuilding Contest

Postby Xerox » 02.09.2018, 18:39

Judged by Xerox & Igntul

Igntul's points

Xerox's points

Igntul's comments

Xerox's comments

Map results

WINNER Cobblestone by Nixion 95 Points
WINNER Cryo by Simo 95 Points

Third Stargazer by Thom 84 Points
4th The eye of Time by Fleshback 83.5 Points
5th District 13 by Wirtual 80.5 Points

6th The dark side of the Moon 77.5 Points
7th Boardwalk by Revo 77 Points
8th Pirate Bay by Manu 74.5 Points

9th Western Fortress III by Reahx 74 Points
10th Flooded Factory by Wasker 69.5 Points
11th Néos Sanctuary by Vince 67 Points
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