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DDR Prison beta 2

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DDR Prison beta 2

Postby Cas... » 12.05.2013, 13:32


Another step into becoming a good RPG-builder. On this track i've spend more time then on the other one (easy go). I wanted to create some more athmosphere and i think i succeeded if you only look to the outside. Inside the units (houses) however there is just track, it's quite mazy and hard to remember is what i heard first time i've tested it. Difficulty is more on the harder intermediate side. Not difficult but still, you'll need to atleast know how to steer a car to get maximum speed out of it. Pathfinding isn't very hard tho, the way to go is clear and most of the time there is only one way to go. I've added a point where going fast and keeping speed will give you an advantage because you can take the highroad, not having enough speed equals crashing and respawning to cp from where you can take low road.


Got my good friend <<DDR>> shady working on a mod. I've posted some pics how it looks like for now, but mod isn't finished but the link is added.

I'm not really sure if i should do MT. As i said in another thread i'm not a big fan of MT, but then again a well done one could add something to the track. But i'm not very good at it. I will probably make an outro and intro, well i'll try it ^^. Certainly an outro to thank everyone who helped me ;)
The thing with MT also is, it works well if you have a detailed track, for instance an mt could be, 'find the showers', but that also means you should have showers wich i don't have ^^

I'm also not so sure about adding pictures, i wanted to do like guys with their orange coats but instead of saying 'prisoner' it should say 'DDR member' on it. But that means photoshop, in wich i again am not good.

Saying al this, i've got the right credentials for making RPG lol :D

So in the end i give you a track wich i'm not even sure is RPG but I'm having fun building it and that's the most important right? ^^

So if you fancy testing/riding it, do it! If you should have something to say about it, don't be shy, I welcome criticism good or bad. ^^
I do realize there is still some flickering but don't worry that's being dealt with the moment you read this.
Somebody said to me that the startcp might be out of building area and people without tmunlimiter can't play it. I'm not sure if it is so if someone can give me the answer i'll be happy.

Greeting and have fun! ;)


Casper / <<DDR>> Cas91
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