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Color Neon Mod

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Color Neon Mod

Postby simen » 06.08.2013, 14:03

Hi guys! ps. my english is so bad

Long time no see, it has been a while since i last visited Trackmania-rpg.
I started again 1 week ago. The last things i did before i quitted was creating mods. So i wanted to try to create a new mod.

Since i like it dark, but with colors (or few colors) i though about a neon-black mod. I know there is a Neon Stick mod, but i'll design it diffrent.

I got some pictures to you:



Large pics yeah..

But ill be very happy if you guys said your opinion! :D

If you like the consept, or want to me to edit some of these parts. Im not done with other bricks yeet..

[font='Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif']Im currently working on NEoN Mod[/font]
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