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"Detroit II"

Group together to work on the same project and get help with unfinished creations

Postby Igntul » 10.10.2010, 18:59

no, i wanted to "use" you for validating but i had better success with nomnom ^^^^^
beta (alpha because map is unfinished) will be tomorrow
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Postby Golo » 11.10.2010, 11:44

I want to help too :) ( but pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasee do not make a last checkpoint like in detroit 1 ^^)
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Postby Igntul » 11.10.2010, 12:34

ok golo, then you can help with the 100 cp version :P thanks
anyway bet you haven't seen the alternative route at cp 100 of d1 :D

Alpha test today 11\10\10 at 4:30PM CET
It contains 50 cps, validation courtesy by NomNom :p

hope to see you in many :)

edit: i forgot to telll where ^^^^
well RPG PUB 2
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Postby Igntul » 11.10.2010, 20:27

sorry but since when i had disconnection\i disappeared, i had no ore intrnet till 10pm :/
but i see nobody else finished then nomnom :<
well if someone can tell cuts he found, or bad cps, confuse route you can talk here...
anyway for who couldnt come but still wants to try it, i posted the first version download link in the first post ;)
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Postby trunks_11 » 12.10.2010, 09:04

I drove to cp 15 and then i had a disconnection :|

And Hawk drove to cp 49 and then he finished... I don
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Postby HawkGer » 12.10.2010, 16:11

yeah Ign I forgot one CP. No idea where....but the track was top notch :thumbsup:
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Postby Geekthenet » 03.06.2013, 09:27

I'm waiting for detroit 3.

After an epic detroit 1 and a more epic detroit 2 i think detroit 3 could become so EPIC :thumbsup:
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