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[IDEA] Flying based RPG

PostPosted: 19.03.2012, 17:01
by XT3
Ok i vae a mod called flight leasons. I do no know where i got it but i will upload it somewhere soon and place a link in this threa. Anyways how does a invisable road based track/RPG that focus on the idea that you are flying? using replays and signs to guide the player through the track to each CP? :thumbsup:

I was just thinking if it does sound good then how should it be put togather. I might make one or start one soon so. Does it sound reasonalable?

PostPosted: 19.03.2012, 17:31
by trunks_11
the most players would play the mod modless or at least not with tranparent mod... sry, that won't work so great

PostPosted: 19.03.2012, 18:18
In my opinion that could be pretty nice :)
Well, it's true that without the mod, it's not great or maybe not possible, but RPG's without mod is not really RPG . So come on, play with mod guys ! ^^

PostPosted: 19.03.2012, 19:19
by luckypech
this mod was made for this track: Track Info - TMX