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Spot 33 Garage Track

PostPosted: 01.04.2012, 01:29
by __Tornado__
This is a new kind of track that I present for you for heard some comments and feedback. There is no story, but is interesting to find the spot 33 of a garage that is missing. I used ghosts to help you to find the path, an interesting point of view for me about making a track. There is a little trap in spot 33 that you can resolve easily. See you soon, I expect a lot of feedbacks :thumbsup:

The link for TMX is here:

Track Info - TMX

If you want, i can upload pics. Talk to me about that.

PostPosted: 01.04.2012, 09:15
by Tabasco
I want it please.

Upload some pics.

Thank you

I have the pics for this track

PostPosted: 02.04.2012, 03:21
by __Tornado__

I dont understand your comment in TMX Dose

PostPosted: 03.04.2012, 18:50
by __Tornado__
I really dont understand your comment Dose. The path is really clear, you only have to spot in the right garage spot and a ghost is going to help you with the path. I think that is easy enough. There is a trap in the end in the spot 33 that you have to find. I cant said anymore withoun destroy the fun. Sorry Dose.

PostPosted: 05.04.2012, 15:06
by simo_900
Wtf I don't understand that your 13:xx min author time, and my bad 2:30 time

PostPosted: 05.04.2012, 15:45
by trunks_11
i can easily do a 2:29 :o

PostPosted: 06.04.2012, 18:01
by __Tornado__
OK friends, you are very good for me :)
Thanks for the feedback
Thanks a lot for play my track.