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This is the only Room

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This is the only Room

Postby holzbalken » 16.05.2013, 23:24

This is the only Room.

That pretty much sums up the map: there's one room that you need to get through a couple of times. It might become a little bit confusing after a while. Thus, I would consider this map to be some kind of a concept map for a mapstyle that has (as far as I know) not been used yet. Feel free to copy it tho if you like the concept, it's useable in many many multiple ways! Plus, since TM
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Postby Shortz » 17.05.2013, 05:35

hard piece of the cake, just made it till cp 6 (the highest room with fakestart cp combo and blocked sculputres). There was really no way to get to the dirt for me :/
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Postby Geekthenet » 01.09.2013, 20:12

This map is so HUGE and mindblowing ! =)
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