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Volcano Eruption

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Volcano Eruption

Postby holzbalken » 29.05.2013, 14:12


after I recently played "Serenity by N00BYZOR" I felt the urge to do a dirt-overmix map as well - here it is: Volcano Eruption .

Story: After volcanoes blew out a beautiful landscape became rotten - you are the only survivor. Find a way out.
AT: 9:39.81 - a pretty okay run, I believe a perfect time is around 8:30. The first run will need 60 - 90 minutes.
CC: 8504
Mod: DarkSide by HawkGer (edit: Igntul)

Good Luck, have fun, and if you do: Comment and/or award please.

This map has been played as a finalmap in the RPG Spain Cup 2013.

I wanted to mention that the original idea of that start-thing I made
came from Igntul who is, somehow, unable to release maps.)

Map's screen on TMX (by Mattnac):

Random Over/Underviews:

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