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PostPosted: 15.09.2013, 23:01
by XdaC
Hey Community,

Postal 2 is one of those games you don't forget.
It's controversy and brutality is a good way to keep it in mind,
also for many journalists to remind you about how dangerous brutality in computer games is.
Of course, we all know that games like Postal make us heartless,
senseless monsters who would go on a rampage killing every person in sight.

Let's get right into it, ladies & gentleman, as I'm honoured to present you the first level of the Postal 2 game, Trackmania-Style!







Go to the location marked on the map, enter the building, find the office and try to get your paycheck

Get Cash:
Get to the bank, go inside and find some money

Buy Milk:
Get to the location marked on the map, enter the shop and pick up milk



Your House:
This is the place where you are living.

RWS Company:
This place is very important, because Postal Dude works there.

Bank is the place where your money is stored.

Lucky Ganesh Shop:
You have to get there to buy some milk.



Find Krotchys Collector Edition

Find your dog: Champ

Find Grandpa Bob



Trackname: Postal

PostPosted: 16.09.2013, 00:37
by popgun

PostPosted: 16.09.2013, 11:15
by XdaC
I hope this is a good "oohh" :D

PostPosted: 17.09.2013, 00:53
by XdaC
I saw that the Mediapack has not worked so ive updated the track so no mediapack is needed 8)