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[RpG] Mandala by schwep

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[RpG] Mandala by schwep

Postby pjw » 12.12.2013, 01:41

I played a pretty amazing RPG track a couple of days ago, and noticed that it had no comments and no awards on TM2X, and that seemed like a shame to me, because it's obvious that a huge amount of work went into this track, and I had a lot of fun driving it, so...time for a little pimpage.




Mandala by schwep

Note that this track is NOT made with the RPG mod, and is a vanilla TM2 track (other than the addition of a great reskin--the Terra India Mod by none other than HawkGer himself. :) While it obviously could have been made better with the RPG mod, it's a really amazing work of design, just as it is.

The track is rated at Intermediate difficulty by the author, but I think it's at least Advanced, with a couple bits possibly being Expert. It's tough, and took me well over an hour to get through the first time.

The track is huge, covers the entire build space, and is multiple levels deep in most places. Per TM2X, the build cost is a bit over 13K, but it seemed to run fine on my machine.

I had pathfinding difficulty in a few spots, but was never stopped for more than a couple of minutes. It's pretty easy to figure out where to go next with Cam 7.

Some of the routes, stunts, and jumps are very creative, and I was quite impressed by how *calculated* everything is. There were a few places where a jump seemed impossible at first glance, but once I figured out how to get the right speed, everything flowed smoothly.

I encourage everyone reading to download this track and check it out--it's very cool.
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Postby taf_team » 12.12.2013, 09:51

yeah, schwep sould do better advertising of his map, cuz they are nice ^^

nvm, i will try this one soon
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Postby schwep » 13.12.2013, 18:06


I built this map for TM1.
If I haven't shown it here, this is that I think this map is not really an RPG map.
This is the RPG style, but some people would tell that it's missing a story, MT effects etc etc
I still haven't the time or inclination to do this.

I have converted to Tm2 without playing! i confess
I tested last night and I prefer to play on tm1, always the problem of lights.
Finally it's still okay, just a few passages a little dazzling or dark.
Some blocks "DirtHill" disappeared at the convertion!
No annoying to play.

Anyway, i'm glad you enjoy the map, thx Pjw !


J'ai construit cette map pour TM1.
Si je ne l'ai pas pr
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Postby XT3 » 14.12.2013, 05:00

schwep its possible to maintain most of the dirt hills I have all but two dirt pieces in my Ghost's Lantern 2 track in the converted map file. Its possible.
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Postby schwep » 14.12.2013, 10:23

This is not the first time that I have this problem
I must say that blocks "dirthill" that disappear have Z coordinates > 1!
but if you have a technique, I'd like to know how you do it :)
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Postby XT3 » 14.12.2013, 15:44

I'll create a tutorial then its a simple but really tricky technique!
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