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[RPG] Dismissed

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[RPG] Dismissed

Postby ben3847 » 02.05.2014, 09:33

'sup community, this is my shot on mapping in the titlepack, a city themed pathfinding map:

I know there should be screens here, but I hope a video is also fine:

  • length: at - 9:59.51 / perfect run ~ 9:50
  • pathfinding: firsttry ~ 1,5h / best firsttry - 45 min by Mario
  • mod: RPG_MassEffect_v1 by HawkGer
  • media: customsigns and soundtrack
  • mt: all done

other random facts
  • This has an easteregg
  • This is cpLess possible
  • This requires the mp3 beta or higher (I think, not sure tho)
  • Most players ragequit at cp0

The story is inspired by the "meeting meme"

  • Boss: Guys, we need ideas for the 10 year anniversary!
  • Guy1: How about pointless anniversary skins?
  • Guy2: Host a LAN event instead of an online event!
  • You: We should disable the rainbow turbo in the map editor because it's uncompetitive.

You get kicked out of the window and now need to find your way home.

This took 120 hours in the last 2 month and it had quite alot of prerelease versions. When testing the 2nd prerelease version on ziza's pub, ziza opened my eyes about what's important about an rpg, pathfinding.
I hope the pathfinding is not too frustrating, enjoy. :P
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Re: [RPG] Dismissed

Postby Mario » 02.05.2014, 17:10

Its a nice track, i recommend everyone to check it out ;) Lovely Intro, i love the story :D
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Re: [RPG] Dismissed

Postby berk1n » 02.05.2014, 22:18

Ben, Nom said this following texts:

could you tell him that his ego sucks, the trackname sucks, memes suck and that a rainbow has more than 3 colors?

he got an at of 9:59 and literally says 9:50 is a perfect run

also tell him that his laughter sucks

his humor sucks aswell

dont forget to tell him that he sucks beyond measurement and in general
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