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Rat..é 2 [RPG]

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Rat..é 2 [RPG]

Postby Geekthenet » 24.05.2014, 12:10

Hello folk!

Today, I proudly present you my latest RPG track Rat..é 2[RPG] :)

It is a fluid map style with some pathfinding. All in a room evironment.
http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main. ... 06615#auto

Video teaser:


In a time of war in the Rat world.
The rat army recruits new rats to join.
you want to be their new member!
They built this new orientation test,
an exact replica of a room.
Let's prove you can beat it!


Building time: ~2 months

Length: The total map length must be about 9-10 minutes long.
My author time is 11:56.30. But it can largely be improved.
29 checkpoints and 2 rings. Not hidden. They will be indicated in green.
Your first run time should be between 16 and 50 minutes depending on the player.
The track is not too difficult. You will have some checkpoints where you will get stuck longer until you get the trick or find the next one.

Coppers: 8696

Mod: rats_salon mod by Geekthenet : [url="http://www.vinummusik.de/Trackmania/rats_salon.zip"]Download here![/url]


Intro: :done: Story intro

In game: :done: Help in game and ring information. Can be disabled at start by choosing the right way. Some pictures for the atmosphère.
Important: Let the mod and the pictures load and then rejoin the server\map because if you dont do, some textures won't be shown and the atmosphere will loose beauty

Outro: none

Soundtrack: none

Easter Eggs: :done: 6 Easter Eggs!
The first player to find the 6 of them and make a screenshot where we can see the EE+his car will win 1000 coppers. PM me with the answers.

Thanks to Thom and Xerox for beta testing. Especially Thom for lot of his knowledge.

And HawkGer for the mod hosting.

Waiting for your feedback!
Good luck and have fun! ;)

EDIT: Some extra screenshots:
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Re: Rat..é 2 [RPG]

Postby gugaruz » 25.05.2014, 18:48

hi geekthenet,

yes i tested your maps and i just found 5 ee with ss :D

I like the mt, which is rat commandant and all in all a funny rpg map :)

I don't want to say much for your track, because i playing tm2 mainly and i don't know how the rpg-scene is/will change in tm1

but i think a good rpg map needs a good sound
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