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Sonic Green Hill Zone

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Sonic Green Hill Zone

Postby PCC_NS » 23.11.2011, 11:58

Hi !
SONIC in Trackmania !!!

Link TMX:Track Info - TMX
Sonic entered to the world of TrackMania!
'll see what happens

On start, and on other part on the track, you run with view 2D, and some part on view normal.
It's possible that the first run is a little, a very little difficult.

trunks wrote:What is so special at it? Your game changes from a 3D game into an old classical 2D game, and then it switches while you play. So like the good old times just mixed with the new generation.

Challenge music: throughout the track, you can hear the original soundtrack ofSonic The HedgeHog Green Hill Zone Act1
Intro: you can see Sonic in intro with model 3D !
In Game: many sounds and pics.
Outro: yes in game
Mod: I make a mod for this track, mod Sonic Green Hill Zone
Download it here
The grass is very well done, I think you like it !

Author Time: (7:45.750)
Gold: (8:14.000)
Silver: (9:19.000)
Bronze: (11:39.000)

Price: 5120 Coppers

If you find 6 Chaos Emerald, you win 1000 cc or bronze tag
Originally posted by Kill-Evil ...
bon, je m'ennuyait un peu, alors j'ai chercher, tien, voila tes 6
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