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Silent Hill

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Silent Hill

Postby Kryw » 21.01.2012, 21:13


Here my second RPG on TM2 with TMunlimiter in 100x50x100 ;)


Welcome Back to Silent Hill...

"I got a letter......the name on it was....Mary...my wifes name....thats crazy.....a dead person can't write.
That's what I keep telling myself...Mary died of that damn disease three years ago. So then why am I looking for her? Our "special place"... What could she mean? This whole town was our special place.
Does she mean the park on the lake? We spent the whole day there. Just the two of us, staring at the water. Could Mary Really be there? Is she really alive... waiting for me?"

Info track :

Coppers : 43.592
Size : 100x50x100
TMunlimiter : Only ( link )
Intro : On
Outro : On
Medipack : FTP ( 67mb )
Mod : SilentTown by HawkGer
Locators : On

Extract all the contents into "C:\...Docs&Settings\Maniaplanet\" ( not on your cache folder and your folder with the launcher )

Enjoy it

GL HF !!!
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