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Real Snow Mod

PostPosted: 07.12.2015, 23:36
by zipperke
not that this will get lots of attention around here ...
I've been working on this for quite some time now
and it's finally getting to an end
The Christmas mod :O
You've might seen the lighter version on a pale blue dot
This version contains only the Grass and Dirt textures

The Full version will look like this and will be released in a few days...

This mod contains the opportunity for the player to add snow around the track without using the Mediatracker.
It looks more realistic than using MT imo...


Re: Real Snow Mod

PostPosted: 14.12.2015, 17:20
by zipperke
I created a transistion between the normal textures and the snow mod in the intro of my new track ...

You can watch the hilarious GPS here

You can download and use the mod i created
It contains real snow falling on the fabric structure textures
there's snow everywhere and it has twinkels all around...
the snowtrees have blinking lights

I hope you have fun with it and make some beautiful tracks ofcourse ^^

notify me if you encounter weird shit :-) TY i can still update it