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RPG Mod & Media Database | Free file hosting

PostPosted: 29.12.2010, 20:27
by HawkGer
Tabasco, BigAl and me are hosting a new Trackmania mod and media database, available under

The main goal of the database is to have all existing RPG mods available on one server for direct linking and to offer free hosting for any new mods. Apart from that we will also host media files for RPG tracks (signs, sounds, music etc.) on request.

If you have created a mod that you would like to have hosted by us or need hosting for media files, bundle all your files into a .zip or .rar file and upload somewhere we can download it (e.g Free File Hosting - Online Storage; Upload Mp3, Videos, Music. Backup Files).
Post that URL in this thread or send Tabasco,BigAl or HawkGer a message in this forum. Your files will be uploaded to the webspace by us manually then.

Small restriction: For each track we only allow 50mb of media files total (not counting mods). For mods there are no restrictions but please keep them as small in size as possible. Also, it would be good if copyrighted music were converted into the .mux format.

For the curious: The server under is hosted by and is paid for 2 years currently (...and will be even after that ofc). Once your files are on the webspace they will never be deleted unless you wish so.

Happy tracking and modding everyone :D

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 01:55
by dose
Great news!!
I knows that some of my mods are already there, but you can take all mods from my site.
All mods have a direct link to download.

Still, there's some mod that i need to keep secret (for builders who ask me).
but will have 3 more mods to come soon!!!

"Venice Mod"
"Egypt Mod"
"Tron RED" version (edit from Igntul original and will be release tomorrow)
and a 3D MOD ;) .... wont say too much .

thelink to my Mod page

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 08:51
by Tabasco

you have PM to wrong Links.
Send me and i upload all...........

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 11:50
by HawkGer
Uploaded Boardwalk mod and Halloween mod now, I think all other mods were already there. Btw you linked to the Tron mod in your post ^^ And one's better to not have spaces in your modname because even if people have it in the trackmania folder it will always load in the cache too. Without spaces that doesn't happen...

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 15:22
by dose
thanks hawk, did'nt know about the space in name ;)

I will make a pack of all my mod , so its easier to download.

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 16:04
by Tabasco
We have all now ^^

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 16:33
by dose
im comming soon with the link , im uploading now.
Like i said i've change the names, so the old ones are not good anymore.
I even made some change in the loadscreen of some of the mods.



The link to the mod will be showed here soon, im 43 % upload.

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 16:52
by HawkGer
renamed the mods ;) btw. your old locators will still be working?

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 17:10
by dose
Yes ;( the old locators are no good anymore.

but i thought when you upload to your host you'll get an url ?
i could make the locator after you have all from this new ZIP MODS PACK I just uploaded.

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 17:46
by HawkGer
Okay, I guess there aren't that many tracks using your mods...if there is would be nice to contact the authors or keep the mod with the old name on your webspace so the locator still works. Haven't downloaded your pack but I think all should be available under
And ofc you can use those links as the new locators....

PostPosted: 30.12.2010, 18:52
by dose
ok, i kept the old links opened.So the old links are still ok.
on my web page, i will now use the link you created for all mods.

just add The mod missing from your host (from my zip pack)