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Need a 3D models

PostPosted: 13.06.2011, 14:14
Salut !
Pour une map RPG, j'aimerai avoir quelques mod

PostPosted: 13.06.2011, 16:59
by HawkGer
Would those models even look good ingame? None of them seem to have any textures...
There are not many people in this community that know how to make 3d models, let alone willing to create some for somebody else. Maybe ask in other forums too, then your chances will be better to find someone ;)

PostPosted: 13.06.2011, 17:08
Thank you!
that's what I'm doing now, and then I thought to Forum RPG;)
telling me that there might be someone competent :)

PostPosted: 14.06.2011, 15:00
by trunks_11
You could ask Stromek or Sol666 in a private message, but stromek has a lot to do in these moments and sol.. don

PostPosted: 29.09.2011, 17:17
by kill-evil
Hum Hum PCC!
Je vois quel est ton projet, il semble tres ambicieu et j'ai hate de le voir fini!

PostPosted: 30.09.2011, 15:25
lol kill ! you lose !
look the date of topic ! 13 june !

seulement 2 personnes ont entendu le nom d'un projet que j'ai ^^ et tu n'en fais pas partit :p

PostPosted: 30.09.2011, 16:47
by kill-evil

Need a 3D models

PostPosted: 06.08.2016, 20:17
by HaroldMr
I could do sprites, but chances are someone cooler like Kettenkrad will come along and make better ones. :c
Regardless I would be happy to do them, I do need some practice.