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Keybindings in editor

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Keybindings in editor

Postby eie » 02.11.2012, 12:33

In the last weeks I've been willing to build again, but, alas, there is one thing which makes this very difficult. My computer lacks a certain button; the delete button. This means I canmot effectively delete blocks while building, and this greatly demotivates me while building. I don't know any ways to make another button to behave like the delete-button, so I would be thankful if any one of you people have experienced this and know a solution I would be very thankful !

Thanks in advance, eie
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Postby holzbalken » 02.11.2012, 19:16

hm, you could try to build in ts instead, but this makes the trying of spots very annoying.

or, depending on how complicated some of your spots are: the "undo"-button! :P
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Postby HawkGer » 02.11.2012, 20:33

If you want to use a software, this is the first thing I found:
Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows 7 / XP / Vista - How-To Geek

Didn't test it but I think it might just work...
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Postby eie » 02.11.2012, 22:45

@holzbalken I often build some pretty big parts before realizing how bad they are, and I test the track all the time while building, so TS is not an option really ^^

@Hawkger That program seemed to be working until I tried it in TM :S I remapped my left shift to delete and I was able to delete text, but in TM it had no effect, which didn't make any sense to me. It just sucks that TM won't let me do this in-game for the editor, but only when driving >_<

Edit: I appreciate the help of both of you btw ^_^
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