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PostPosted: 17.12.2013, 21:51
by redxdragon
This is the default skin with NO damage! and only 1.7mb in size!

Image Image Image

PostPosted: 17.12.2013, 22:02
by redxdragon

PostPosted: 17.12.2013, 22:16
by HawkGer
thanks, I will use that one. Great filesize too. Is it possible to add a locator to the model?

PostPosted: 17.12.2013, 22:25
by redxdragon

Here is the loc file. Just add it to the in game folder

PostPosted: 17.12.2013, 23:21
by Footler
awesome, thx man! :thumbsup:

PostPosted: 18.12.2013, 09:21
by Jurek
Great job, great wheels. :beer:
Im change my car :thumbsup:

Re: TM2 RPG 2D skin

PostPosted: 12.12.2015, 17:56
by redxdragon
Here is a update of the skin with a new model with no damage and has headlights!


Here is the link to download -->

Re: TM2 RPG 2D skin

PostPosted: 13.12.2015, 00:03
by racefreak
if only it had front and rear wings and fenders this would be the perfect skin

Re: TM2 RPG 2D skin

PostPosted: 16.12.2015, 00:26
by gugaruz
whoohoo, redxdragon didn't forget the rpg-car :)
awesome work :)