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game shutdown only for rpg

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game shutdown only for rpg

Postby sixela » 01.06.2015, 02:30

hey guys :) first, sorry for my very bad english :/

I downloaded the rpg title pack in order to have lot of fun, but, after 2-3 min of game, on ziza serv for example, my game crash for no reason..... karjo tell me removing the "cache" without success. my exploitation system was windows XP, and i was thinking it was the problem, so i finish the installation of windows seven, but i have the same problem omg... how explain that, when i crash, there is a black screen for under one second, and my computer came back to the normal screen, just before i launch the game...

I really need help, because i really enjoy play rpg OMGGG :D :lol:

Guys, any suggestion are welcome for me, if you can help me, don't hesitate :P thank you in advance :)
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Re: game shutdown only for rpg

Postby HawkGer » 01.06.2015, 16:22

hey sixela,

those crashes occur only in multiplayer or also in solo races?
My first suspicion would be some issue with your graphics card. Is it some old graphics card? The titlepack uses really big texture files unlike any other game, so maybe your card or the driver have some problem with that.
Maybe also check your RAM usage while playing. Is it maxed out? I've had some crashes in other games due to high RAM usage.

Hope it helps :hehe:
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Re: game shutdown only for rpg

Postby sixela » 01.06.2015, 23:33

thank you for answering :) i really don't know about ram.. i haven't try the map in solo race, will try it. i have an HD radeon 5770, which isn't bad i think , and for the driver, maybe i'll must find the most recently.. i'll try some stuff and i keep you posted !
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