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Convert .st to BMP

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Convert .st to BMP

Postby PCC_NS » 09.05.2011, 17:19

HI !
I need to convert. "ST" to "BMP" or "DDS, " I do not know what program to use?!?


I need your help please :thumbsup:
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Postby popgun » 09.05.2011, 18:16

See here

and here

Hope it helps
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Postby PCC_NS » 09.05.2011, 18:43

Thank you Popgun but I already tried :'(
And no result

This image belongs to a game and in any case I do not want to change it.
In contrast to the bmp, or other extension so you can watch.

I even install ARAnyM, STEEM ... hatari but no effect: '(
I also install ImageConverter Plus, but the files can not be read: '(
I tried renaming the file to a different extension, but without pacifiers
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Postby simen » 11.05.2011, 16:03

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