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Welcome here / Willkommen hier

Welcome here / Willkommen hier

Postby Tabasco » 05.05.2010, 17:27

Hello all RPG Fans !!


Present all the RPG Map Fans this Board about RPG Maps.

We want to tell you about Building Maps, Help with Maps or about Maps.

So, lets Talk about all of Trackmania.

We hope we can be a Board for all Players of Trackmania.
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Postby MadeAnonymous » 17.07.2010, 16:36

I really have to thank you Tabasco for the forum! it's so useful and brings the community even closer together!
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Postby Tabasco » 17.07.2010, 16:45

Thanks Anonymous. :love:

But not only for me..................... :D

Without the Great Members we dont have a Board like this.

And we have Great members when i read all the Threads.

I must say that i am a driver and not a Builder, but i dont have not so many Fun in other Board as here......and that is what a RPG fan is, FUN and see Friends from all over the World

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