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Introduction to RPG tracks

Introduction to RPG tracks

Postby Tabasco » 05.05.2010, 18:40

Basically, an RPG track is a track which is often very long, very adventurous and very often has a mod. Many RPG tracks are also story tracks, or even mission tracks. RPG tracks consists of inside passages, tricks like pipe balancing, wallride balancing, difficult jumps and mazes.

Here's occam's attempt to explain the difference between a trial track and an RPG track:

Trial tracks and RPG tracks are fundamentally similar in design. The most distinctive feature to differentiate between an RPG and a Trial Track is the look and feel of the track. RPG tracks are usually shaped in an adventurous setting by means of an heavily modded environment, often even feature custom sounds like for example a cracking hallway or a Gregorian chants when entering a hall.

Trial Tracks use plain unmodded blocks and tend to be a bit shorter and in general seem to be a bit easier to digest for slower PC hardware than the modded and rather copper heavy RPGs. RPGs are often outstandingly long, not to say epic and often even story driven.

Of course it is not always easy to distinguish between those two very similar genres. Only adding an adventure style Mod alone will not transform a two minute trial track into an RPG though^^.

The following is not written in stone, judging from current TMX records (AT might differ due to different driving skills of the author): Most RPGs are between 7 and 20 minutes. Most Trial tracks between 2 and 7 minutes in length.

The term RPG is derived from the actual Term Role Playing Game, so if your Track is not adventurous at all, it's rather a Trial Track.


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