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Track list update

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Track list update

Postby Maca » 30.05.2012, 00:54

Hey RPG Community!

Im pretty new in the RPG world, but maybe some of you already met with me on the servers.
I saw the impressive tracklist on the blog, and i thought: "What a pity, that no one cares about that, no updates, but there are many great new tracks out there."
So i contacted with HawkGer, and now i try to take care of that list.
I'll check TMX regularly and try to choose all of the good tracks to the list.
If you dont find a track in the list, but you think its worth to place in it, dont hesitate to contact me here, or on TMX (login: maca013). ;)
So now all the WRs are corrects on the 'old' tracks, with the name of the holders, and i added ~100 tracks to the list from the recent year. Also made some new charts too, you can see it below the table.
I'll plan the next bigger update in the end of the summer.

Until that: Keep Building, and Keep Racing! :thumbsup:

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