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RPG round race highlight videos - need some help making them

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RPG round race highlight videos - need some help making them

Postby MadeAnonymous » 07.06.2010, 13:42

Hey.. I need some volunteers to edit the replays from old RPG round races so we can get them on youtube :)

Here is the style from some of the edited round race replays:

As you can see, my style is slow, but if you want to edit it in another way that's ok.

The point here is to film the highlights of the race (of those in the lead).

HardArm is already doing one of the round races, but I have some more races to other volunteers.

There are between 3 and 7 replays in each round race.

Tips for editing:
  • Use the result table on the blog to see who you should follow with the camera and to recognize which round of the race this is
  • When first opening a replay, go to 30 seconds and place a camera on the start block, with nametags on. Delete all the ghosts that still have not moved.
  • Don't film the entire race if it's not "exciting". The parts where you mean filming is unnecessary, don't have any camera blocks so I can know where to start and stop Fraps

Yes. You only have to edit the replay, I can film them with Fraps, encode the videos and upload to YouTube. You will of course be credited, but it is volunteer work.

The reason I'm not doing it is because I don't have the time and it is extremely much work with so many replays.

Just ask if there is any more questions.
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Postby MadeAnonymous » 07.06.2010, 16:40

Also, remember to not exceed 10 minutes of footage per map.
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