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RPG ||| Spain Spring Cup - Timetable and results

Postby Xerox » 27.05.2013, 21:43

The mappers with 2 maps are only awarded one time. Holzbalken and nom have been awarded for their best track.
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Postby Golo » 27.05.2013, 23:01

I just got confused because the map isnt on TMX ;)
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Postby Xerox » 28.05.2013, 02:15

Yep, he didn't upload his pathfinding map, because it's not finished. The played track is a kind of big beta, and he still making that map, longer, and maybe harder, who knows ^^
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Postby taf_ziza » 28.05.2013, 15:41


my litle fedback about your first contest :

++ : final system is really nice imo, bad that i didnt really play :c (due to exam)

-- : qualy on pathfinding map... 2 first finisher qualy..... so bad for player that cant be here, and sooo bad for unplayed map... panasco / holz / (nom) map warent played as they had to do.


gg kil (you noob) and holz (bad map) for the win :assaultrifle: :chainsaw:
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Postby Panasco » 28.05.2013, 17:21

Yeah I also think it would have been better if not only the first and second finishers of the pathfinding maps had qualified. I'd have prefered something like 1st finisher + best time both qualify :D
But still, excellent cup with lots of cool maps! :thumbup:
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Postby Roman4r » 05.06.2013, 14:15

All tags and coppers are done :)
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Postby Suffer » 06.06.2013, 05:18

ty and ty to organize this contest
Sorry For my english :D
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