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Results Second Zero 12h RPG Race

Results Second Zero 12h RPG Race

Postby Orion » 28.09.2013, 23:18

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Postby taf_team » 29.09.2013, 09:26

nice contest, nice figth between bdm xxx the legend, and gg all finsiher
i wanted to play this endurance :c well, still fun to spec^^

for next time : humm, maybe a little bit more rpg map (that doesnt mean pipe and wall^^), and, of course, a livescore website

gga, ggzero team, ggme :crazy:

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Postby Shortz » 29.09.2013, 12:46

at least we won. the 1st team got second place, gg wp.
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Postby blubbxxl » 29.09.2013, 17:55

If you liked the cup-map please award it ^^
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Try also my other maps :P
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