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001: Guess the track #01

PostPosted: 17.07.2010, 15:25
by MadeAnonymous
Information about the first contest.

PostPosted: 17.07.2010, 15:27
by MadeAnonymous


Can you see which track this is? Then don't tell it! Read the rules and send me a PM with your guess, and you'll might win something. Remember: it's just for fun ;)

Trackmania RPG blog: Tec's contest series: Guess the track #01[/quote]

Contest open for one more day :)

I will open this thread for feedback and answer when the time limit is up

PostPosted: 19.07.2010, 10:24
by MadeAnonymous
The answers was Atlantis, by Meky.

Trackmania RPG blog: Anonymous's contest series #001: Guess the track #01 answer

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002: Guess the track #02

PostPosted: 22.07.2010, 11:13
by MadeAnonymous
Information about the second contest will be posted here. See Trackmania RPG blog: Anonymous's contest series #002: Guess the track #02.

Thread will be locked until the second contest ends.

PostPosted: 27.07.2010, 18:52
by MadeAnonymous
The correct answer was Project Kitchen.

See scores here: Trackmania RPG blog: Anonymous's contest series #002: Guess the track #02 answer

Guess the track in pictures

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 14:27
by HawkGer
Because some of you seem to enjoy fun quiz's about RPG and I had another idea for a quiz but don't have enough time to implement it, maybe you like to play it here anyway.
I will give you one picture whose context reveals an RPG track. So your task is to guess that trackname. Just send your guesses as a reply to this thread.
Here's the picture:


Once a person guessed correct and the pic-submitter confirmed it is correct, that person needs to post a new picture. And so on....
A pic-submitter can also post a second picture if the first one was too hard.
If the person who guessed correct doesn't post a new pic within one day, anyone can post a new pic.

HF :)

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 16:27
by eie

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 16:39
by HawkGer
Yep correct :thumbsup: Pulp Fiction (1994)
now you have to post a pic yourself. Can be anything, not just movies...

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 17:21
by eie

okay try to guess this ^^

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 17:23
by tossha

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 17:25
by eie
No but it's the right author, if that helps =p

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 17:28
by tossha
Ok, then this one ^^

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 17:31
by eie
that's right ^^
I'll just go and get you a cookie now...
*finds cookie*
*hands over cookie*

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 17:44
by tossha
What a tasty cookie! Thanks!


PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 17:53
by dope!
its a country shape..isnt it?^^ but i dont find it on a worldmap xD

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 18:10
by tossha
Dunno, maybe it's unexisting country ^^

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 18:44
by Golo

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 18:57
by tossha
Yeah Golo, right. Nice geography knowing ^^

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 19:12
by Golo
It was acutally rather luck ^^ new one:

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 19:55
by tossha
Dunno, maybe it is detroit, but the atmosphere is quite different^^

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 19:58
by HawkGer
I would guess M E T R O P O L I S ....

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 20:17
by Golo
detroit is right ;) (auto industry) your turn again tossha

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 20:24
by tossha
Ok, i think it will be easy (:

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 21:36
by HawkGer
A trip to the hills :D I think that's correct so I'm going to just post another pic without confirmation (if wrong just ignore my pic):
Very easy I guess

PostPosted: 03.10.2010, 21:55
by Igntul
Tree of life?