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TM2 Unlimiter's successor. MpEditorUnlimiter

PostPosted: 22.01.2014, 11:41
by fenixblue
Sup everyone, I just thought I would share that mixing is back in action. If by chance you guys missed this post then check it out. Maniaplanet Forum

PostPosted: 22.01.2014, 12:09
by Reahx
you can blockmix some blocks but it still bugs alot, I hope there will be a not bugging blockmix program soon ^^

PostPosted: 22.01.2014, 22:22
by Mario
Reahx wrote:you can blockmix some blocks but it still bugs alot, I hope there will be a not bugging blockmix program soon ^^
Yes there will be :) (about the bugs i dont know, but i guess it will work better then any program right now)

Nadeo will enable official blockmixing in the next Maniaplanet Update :P

PostPosted: 22.01.2014, 23:49
by fenixblue
Yeah this is much better than nothing right now, I think the bugs you're talking about is not being able to delete some blocks sometimes? Using the undo key works but could be risky, but even with arc_'s tmunlimiter I ran into that so always gotta save often.

Official mixing you say? Sounds great! Where did you hear about that being confirmed, all i saw was a giant discussion on the maniaplanet forums saying we need it but nadeo never committed to it because of the flickering textures overlap problem of sloppy mixers. I've heard whispers now and then about ManiaPlanet 3.0 but I can't find any solid info on what they are planning.

Do you know if they will enable larger tracks with this official mixing update? After so many years of making tracks and racing tracks in TM1 I've always thought it feels too crushed and restricted in TM2's default settings.

PostPosted: 23.01.2014, 00:50
by Mario

PostPosted: 23.01.2014, 08:04
by fenixblue
Oh well that would be why I didn't see it, it's under the shootmania forums, and looks like all of the updates being talked about is for shootmana not trackmania. So it might be a little jumping the gun to say its confirmed for TM but I sure hope so!

Thanks for the link.

PostPosted: 23.01.2014, 14:26
by Shortz
Mario wrote:- The adding of the Action Maker
Mario wrote:the best feature, hhhh

PostPosted: 23.01.2014, 15:07
by Reahx
Woohoo shootmania update and good blockmix too :o
cant wait :D