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Advanced blockmix technique

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Advanced blockmix technique

Postby Stromek » 09.06.2010, 10:25

Hi there,

this is my first tutorial ever ;) and i hope it will help ppl to find some new challenges.
I call it double process and as the name sounds it is pretty easy.
Sometimes we want to use a mix of water and other blocks, but the water block dissappear
so we can easily fix that by adding the water block again. So we will have same water block on same x,y,z positions twice.

pic. 1
so here we go. Now we are ready for blockmix of the water

pic. 2
now you can see some part of water dissappers

pic. 3
we can fix that by adding water block again on parts where is missing. using same technique


pic. 4
the final version, all places are cover by water...


As you can see this technique is very easy and can be used also on dirt and grass based block.

Have fun

cheers Stromek
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Postby HawkGer » 09.06.2010, 11:42

Thanks a lot Stromek, what a nice tutorial! We never covered this technique on the blog so it's great to have it here :) Maybe you could add a description on how to blockmix outside the stadium (with mention of which blocks you can use) and/or an explanation on how to raise the surface texture of StadiumFabricFloor (the blue surface) and StadiumInflatable. I think I remember Tec trying something like that but he had difficulties. Also, did you ever work with TrackStudio? Maybe something informative can be made out of that...
We could publish this as a post on the blog if you extend it a bit ;)
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Postby Tabasco » 09.06.2010, 15:22

Make as Sticky.

Nice nice
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Postby nom² » 10.06.2010, 13:07

thank you so much! i tried so often to do this but never this way :pinch:
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Postby Shortz » 10.06.2010, 13:26

cool thing, I tryed so often but failed in every try ^^

nice tuto :thumbsup:
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Postby Tiji78 » 10.06.2010, 13:56

Nice and easy. Thanks a lot, it will sure help me when i'll start mapping.
-- 8o -- Tiji -- 8o --

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Postby Naruveli » 16.06.2010, 10:02

Thanks, finally i know to blockmix water nicely!
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Postby dose » 31.12.2010, 04:55

Thanks! much appreciated and well explain !!!

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