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how to make simple lakes

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how to make simple lakes

Postby fabio_m » 22.07.2010, 19:35

hi all :D

i think i might be usefull here since i helped many other mappers doing this little trick
i hope i can explain in a simple away how to use challenge edit in order to make lakes :)

there it is


[1] Build a giant mountain of dirt with an hole in the middle (usually i use the hole track)

[2] Put the maximum of pipes in that hole (you see it green) and fill all the edges with the same types of pipes over the hills (its in yellow)

[3] Open Challenge edit and also the track, select the pipe designed with the letter "P" (main block)
then click on the [size=10]padlock [/size]and switch the StadiumTube into Stadium Water

[4] Doing that, all StadiumTubeV1 will be changed [size=10]automatically and of course you be sure that all stadium water blocks are at level[/size] Z=1 clicking in Save Block Modifications to memory in everyone of then
Then save the track clincking in the diskette above

[5] and [6] and this is the result, and this is how to make simple and fast lakes :D

IMPORTANT: make sure that the lakes are the last thing you do in the track because if you want to change the terrain with the lake on, the game will crash :(

another thing this is how to do simple lakes but since the water level is not at Z=0 you can ride on the water like in a normal surface

anyway i hope i was helpfull arround there, this is my first tutorial i hope i can help people with it :D
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Postby MadeAnonymous » 22.07.2010, 20:19

Thanks for adding this guide :)

Very useful for many, keep it up!
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Postby Nyrbius » 22.07.2010, 21:21

Yh... Nice tuto for beginners in blockmixing... :thumbup:
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Postby Promaxer » 23.07.2010, 11:45

Nice fabio thks for the tuto. :)
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Postby heartX » 23.07.2010, 12:08

jeap, useful guide.
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Postby moi57 » 23.07.2010, 15:29

hi, cool little easy tuto for make a lake or invisible way ;thx for hat :thumbup:
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Postby Tabasco » 23.07.2010, 15:38

Make this as Sticky
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Postby fabio_m » 05.05.2012, 23:43

after 2 years i just saw the picture wasnt working ^^

have fun building lakes :pleasantry:
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