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MediaTracker: How to make a locator

PostPosted: 24.07.2010, 15:18
by trunks_11
[color=#000000][size=200][size=10]In the last time i saw tracks with pictures that didn

PostPosted: 25.07.2010, 13:03
by Igntul
you forgot to say that the name of the files must have NO spaces between any word, or the locator will have "20%" sign and be invalid

anyway nice tutorial, it will be usefull to RPG novices ;)

PostPosted: 25.07.2010, 13:16
by trunks_11
I have updated ^^

PostPosted: 27.07.2010, 10:16
by Igntul
nice, but it's "dont make spaces between the name when you upload the file" not when you make the locator ^^

PostPosted: 27.07.2010, 10:58
by trunks_11
Look 4.

PostPosted: 29.07.2010, 13:57
by Vklf
4. Save it in ([pictures here: TrackMania/MediaTracker/Images][challenge music here:TrackMania/ChallengeMusics]
[sounds here: TrackMania/MediaTracker/Sounds]) It should be All types (*.*). And you must add .ogg.loc
(.ogg.loc for sounds/music and jpg.loc for pictures)Don

PostPosted: 29.07.2010, 14:55
by trunks_11
Ok thanks VKLF for the extra information ;)

PostPosted: 11.08.2010, 13:42
by Tiji78
Thanks guys !
I'm gonna need that thread so much :)

PostPosted: 11.08.2010, 13:49
by trunks_11
Tiji78 wrote:Thanks guys !
I'm gonna need that thread so much :)

Of course np 8)

PostPosted: 12.08.2010, 00:57
by HawkGer
When having to make over 140 locators for Kryw I found that making all by hand was very tedious. So I looked around and found Z-loc creator:
The program is in french but very simple. Just select the file you want to make a .loc for and specify the URL. Should spare some time ;)

PostPosted: 12.08.2010, 08:10
by trunks_11
Thanks hawk,

the first time i used it i had problemes with it. When you open (ouvrir) you must take all files and not locators. When it is open loc. file, you can

PostPosted: 13.08.2010, 13:14
by Nyrbius

I'll certainly use that on my new computer... :pinch:

PostPosted: 24.08.2010, 11:21
by popgun
Just so I understand this then. The locator I create (pointing to a file on the net somewhere) is automatically saved
into the tracks .gbx file.
Now when someone d/l's my track from TMX, the sounds will be downloaded from the net by the game?
Is that right?

PostPosted: 24.08.2010, 12:22
by Housekeepr
If the link in the loc file is correct, yes :-)

PostPosted: 17.03.2012, 10:54
by Guest
big thanks! :)

PostPosted: 17.03.2012, 15:24
by XT3
Well i am confused, if it could be placed as a more dumbed down verson that i would like that, i'll still read it over again. But once my pc atou created a loc.ator of on eof my custom car skins iand i dont know how or why

PostPosted: 17.07.2012, 12:56
by holzbalken
if your pic isn't a jpg but a png, it's png.loc, no?

would probably be useful too to add :)

Re: MediaTracker: How to make a locator

PostPosted: 24.04.2014, 10:08
by Geekthenet
Where did the tutorial go? I need some help. Can't find a decent direct link uploader. To make dds files locators.

Re: MediaTracker: How to make a locator

PostPosted: 28.04.2014, 13:00
by trunks_11
I am sorry for this but I do not know. I guess something did not work quite well by the transfering to the new board and now you cannot see the tutorial. Unfortunately I do not have it on my computer as well..

Hope you can find a decent working link uploader for dds files.

Re: MediaTracker: How to make a locator

PostPosted: 28.04.2014, 19:50
by Geekthenet
I found some other tutorials. Thx