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How to make mods for your tracks

PostPosted: 10.09.2010, 16:07
by Tabasco

PostPosted: 14.04.2011, 01:59
by dose
Very nice tuto !!! thanks! (even if i know most of this ^^)
This will be very good for even someone who never did a mod.
Its simple, efficiant,right on the important details.


I just wanna add something I found during the creation of my Mirror's edge mod:

-In that mod I was using a lot of white colored textures.
To avoid having flashy grass, of course you will change the grassPC0 and PC2
but also the from that same "mood" folder.
The as to be gray (not too dark) because your grass will turn black and you won't see the texture you put in StadiumGrass1 and 2.

PostPosted: 17.07.2011, 14:22
by Guest
how i save the chances?
i know is have DDS,but how i need to save?

PostPosted: 17.07.2011, 22:25
by dose
example here:

1. StadiumCircuitD (Diffuse texture)
this one is save in DXT1-1 BIT ALPHA (Except if you need transparency)

2. StadiumCircuitS (Specular maps)
this one is save in DXT5 -INTERPOLATE ALPHA
be sure to add a "alpha channel"
(***can be created by copying the red,green or blue channel into alpha channel)

3.StadiumCircuitN (normal maps)
this one is save in DXT5 -INTERPOLATE ALPHA
be sure to add a "alpha channel"
(***can be created by copying the red, green or blue channel into alpha channel)

help here:


PostPosted: 17.07.2011, 22:33
by Guest
but i need to save the specular and normal maps?

PostPosted: 18.07.2011, 17:20
by dose
Yes you need to saved them if you dont want to see a mix of your "picture" and the original tm depth details and lightning and shadows.

have a try you will see, but last night i did a short tuto for this explanation ^^
have a look here


PostPosted: 19.07.2011, 07:09
by Skeleton
Your Diffuse is DXT1 and doesn't need a 1 bit alpha. A one bit alpha is a 2 tone alpha of black and white no greys. Black transparent, white visible areas. In most cases you want all your Diffuse visible so no alpha needed. If you save with 1 bit alpha and reload your Diffuse back into Photoshop and you will see it's had an alpha added (usually all white) . Also when making your normals don't change scale, it'll make it look ugly. alternatively make your normal, duplicate your normal layer and change your top layer to overlay. This will heighten your normal without looking ugly. Duplicate layer again to make higher.

A word of warning. If your graphics aren't very good you may not even see your normals ingame and in some cases you might not even see your specular,


PostPosted: 21.07.2011, 01:35
by moi57
This video show u which texture will go on which block

> :thumbsup: TM-Tube - Your TrackMania Video Portal - Mod Tutorial [Editing Textures] - Trackmania RPG Blog :thumbsup:

For hosting a mod or other file very easyly just try this site >> :thumbup: DropBox :thumbup:


PostPosted: 21.07.2011, 11:47
by Guest
but using
because dont have chanels

PostPosted: 21.07.2011, 16:20
by trunks_11
when you use paint net you can

PostPosted: 21.07.2011, 21:12
by Guest
when you use paint net you can

PostPosted: 22.07.2011, 12:44
by trunks_11
racer123 wrote:ok i think is very hard to create S and N maps whit

ehm, you can make the S with paint net and i didn