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How to reduce the size of your mod

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How to reduce the size of your mod

Postby popgun » 27.12.2010, 11:19

How to reduce the size of your mod.
Why does this matter?
After having to upgrade my web hosting package recently due to you lot busting my bandwidth limits :), I thought I'd have another look at my biggest mod to see if I could reduce its file size.

Currently the PilgrimMod.zip file is 41MB in size. Using the following tips I brought it down to 21MB. A ~50% size reduction.

Here are some comparison images.

Image Image Here's some more:
Before2 , After2 , Before3 , After3 , Before4 , After4

There's very little difference. When you're driving through the track, there is no difference at all because you're watching the track, not the textures, and in peripheral vision, focus isn't required.

Quick reminder: Diffuse texture *D.dds: This is the image that gives the surface its detail.
Specular texture *S.dds: This is the image that gives the surface its shine.
Normal Map texture *N.dds: This is the image that gives the surface its bumpmap (lumpiness).

What to do:

Size does matter

First thing to do, is to half the size of the specular (*S.dds) and normal map (*N.dds) .dds files. Therefore create your diffuse *D.dds file as normal and save it.

To alter the textures surface shine, make changes to the lighting/contrast of this image (as you like), then using Photoshop
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Loads of mods, loads of tracks. Look em up. :)
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Postby dose » 27.12.2010, 17:50

So well detailed !!! thanks POP
I knew we could reduce the size but did'nt know if all could be done ;)
will aply it to all my mods!

ps: Maybe add a list in detail off which one can be reduces and the one who cant be changed.
I'll have a look this week.I may come back with a picture to show :thumbsup:
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Postby HawkGer » 27.12.2010, 17:59

I have always been too lazy to test whether there really is any significant quality loss or not when reducing the size. Good to know after all ^^ Nice work Pop!
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