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got something to help ?

PostPosted: 08.01.2012, 22:29
by dose
Hi !
today ive decide to create a "small help" post.
so everytime you found something you think
no one as made a tuto or gave the hint
because its only a small trick or a hint
not big enough to make a post.

you can post here !


I will start by a "LUCKY" hint
i found during building a challenge in the Stadium editor.

Let me show you how to choose a block to place in the stadium without choosing
in the tab down the editor
( the block you need, as to be , one you already placed in challenge )
...and go direct on a block you already placed.

-Press LEFT CTRL (keep it) and aim the block you want to use then Clic LEFT MOUSE BUTTON !

My god if I knew this years ago ?(

PostPosted: 08.01.2012, 23:04
by Mario
yep, thats really helpful :D read it 4 month ago somewhere and thought: wtf why not before?! :D

PostPosted: 09.01.2012, 06:33
by Igntul
i think the most of you already knows, but since hardarm didnt :D
to make a long line of blocks (eg a layer of a big circuitbase wall) you can hold space + direction and do it in 0,1 seconds

PostPosted: 13.01.2012, 20:18
by dose
some of you may need to put long videos on wall signs ^^.
here's a little trick to reduce the size of videos to get a small bink file ;)

Watch , enjoy !