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DirtTricks Over laping blocks

PostPosted: 29.07.2012, 17:35
by XT3
Hi and hello! I have created this Tutorial to show all those who dont know this trick with dirt of how to do it! Over lapping block dirt works in the exect same spot. But you can get the same effect with flat dirt at Z0. This will show you all how!


In the picture, I had the curcut bordors there and the finish lines with i Turned into dirt. This is the first part to this tutorail! AS you all know the the dirt in the air leave a gap in the ground. The next step in block mixing the dirt down one!


Blockmixing it down will leave the gap still there and have the dirt dissapear. Next is a very simple trick. Place two finish lines in the air above the blocks and turn it into StadiumDirt.


See that? its back and the idrt is not overlaping in the same place! Not now anyways! Now move them down to Z0. and they will still be there with the gap still there:


BUT We can fix that! :D Take two finish lines and place trhem above the dirt! Like so!


Now turn that into dirt and put them at Z0!


See! Now the gap is gone! 8) And the dirt is over lapping the curcit border blocks!! Hope you all like this! :phatgrin:

PostPosted: 30.07.2012, 14:43
by preupgrade
Does this trick also works with Grass?

PostPosted: 30.07.2012, 15:33
by XT3
Not sure. Maybe. But I have yet to pull that off. I know this is a way of how to get dirt apear without being over lapped. I used it alot in a track of mine. But It might. I did try once but after reopening the track after a few timeis it. removed the dirt. :(

But if your talking about making this happen with grass? Then I beilive so!

PostPosted: 22.09.2012, 18:07
by __Tornado__
Nice tutorial: thanks very much.

PostPosted: 22.09.2012, 23:25
by XT3
Thank you! I can always show some more I have a water tricks tutorail as well

PostPosted: 23.09.2012, 21:38
by rossi94
Nice tutorial, I just use underground mode, to build under dirth, grass or water.

PostPosted: 25.09.2012, 17:44
by XT3
ice tutorial, I just use underground mode, to build under dirth, grass or water.

THat means you are using tmunlimitor. do not due to it canot do a few thing that i want to. ITs not unlimited its limited. ;)