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TM2 RPG title on servers

PostPosted: 10.12.2013, 21:28
by redxdragon
Does anyone know how to add the new RPG title to a server? mine is set on stadium but the maps will not load! :dash: :dash:

Any help would be grateful

PostPosted: 10.12.2013, 21:38
by ZiZa
you need to specify the title, the name is RPG@tmrpg

but PLEASE keep in mind that right now we dont need more server, because there are quite a few already, and too many servers actually split and kill the community. We should play together on a few servers instead of playing alone on one of the 100 servers like it is on TM1 sometimes. Once the community gets bigger we can ofc have more servers, but right now we dont need them and it would make the experience much worse.

ZiZa | RPG Titlepack Team

PostPosted: 10.12.2013, 22:01
by redxdragon
Thank you Ziza,

I will leave it for a bit and see how this goes

PostPosted: 15.12.2013, 12:53
by blahrockz

I began to configure a TM2 Server for my Clan and read your Post Ziza.
Thanks to you I could start it with the titlepack, but like you wrote you don't like more server.
I understand that, but I think the most servers are (long) RPG and I would create a mini RPG Server and would try to get my Clan to tm2.
Would this be ok if I start the Server as mrpg?


PostPosted: 16.12.2013, 18:10
by ZiZa
well, right now we dont have much tracks that would actually count as long tracks, since most of them are still in beta. And also there are no real mini-rpgs built yet. But if you want to build a few and put them on your server than that's fine. But please try not to just import TM1-mini-rpgs since those are not really worth driving, mostly because of the light that wasnt built into the originals. But if you are a builder aswell or some of your clanmates build then i'm sure you can come up with a few tracks rather quickly