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TM dedicated server!

PostPosted: 12.06.2012, 22:09
by thethiny
does anyone has the TM dedicated server?
because its no longer available!

PostPosted: 12.06.2012, 22:25
by thethiny
Also , do you know how to run a dedicated server in nations forever?

PostPosted: 13.06.2012, 06:35
by beep
you ll find dedicated here:

PostPosted: 13.06.2012, 12:57
by thethiny
Hi, Can you provide me with step by step guide? Because I can't seem to get it working , I get wrong password everytime! Also where do I put my match settings and how to load them?

PostPosted: 13.06.2012, 13:14
by thethiny
Update , everything works fine now , but it says Not a Freezone SErver! what to do?

PostPosted: 13.06.2012, 13:22
by thethiny
Solved it XD
Just need to know , how does a locator work with these?

PostPosted: 13.06.2012, 18:08
by beep
freezone server are only for server with TMU key and pay copper

PostPosted: 14.06.2012, 09:27
by thethiny

PostPosted: 14.06.2012, 16:24
by Tabasco
dont make double or triple post.

edit your last post please.