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PostPosted: 09.11.2013, 05:00
by XT3
HawkGer wrote:XT3, you can't really prepare your mods for this title pack. I think I already wrote in the first post that we will use a huge texture (8192 x 8192 pixel) for texturing all objects. And because you don't know how that texture is organized yet, you can't make it yet. But I would recommend collecting some new textures. You will need six 2k x 2k textures at least and about 15 1k x 1k textures for the start

Ah ok. I did find some textures to use. So the gaint image is used for the pack. Mm I'll wait and see how the textures work before I finish the mod then. ^^

PostPosted: 11.11.2013, 18:56
by HawkGer

PostPosted: 11.11.2013, 19:05
by XT3
Looks awesome Hawk! Cant wait!

PostPosted: 11.11.2013, 19:38
by HylleZ
Amazing. If the title pack get's released, I will start hunting world record for full-time again ;-)

PostPosted: 11.11.2013, 21:31
by eie
Am I excited or am I excited?

You guessed correct :O

Only thing that annoyed me is that the textures on the walls inside the door doesn't match the one on the wall outside of it.

PostPosted: 17.11.2013, 18:05
by Promaxer
This is unbelievable, when i first saw this when the tm2stadium beta was out, i thought "yeah this really is gonna improve rpg making in tm2 alot more" but now, this will make tm2 rpg building the best, it will make riding rpg tracks feel much more enjoyable, thanks everybody behind this project (sorry for not knowing ur names, im only following the picture updates from hawk)

PostPosted: 18.11.2013, 21:35
by ZiZa
Soon, fellow adventurers...


PostPosted: 18.11.2013, 21:44
by Roman4r
I am very impatient see the new title, coming in every hour to see if there is any new! :golly: :golly:

PostPosted: 18.11.2013, 23:13
by Promaxer
cant wait to start building again, lots of ideas coming into my head :D

PostPosted: 25.11.2013, 17:49
by XT3
Cant wait!