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Centralized Modding Help

PostPosted: 02.12.2013, 15:25
by HawkGer
If there are any questions regarding modding for the RPG TitlePack you can post in this thread. Of course you are also free to open a completely new thread, but it's better to have these questions collected here.
Please make sure that the question you have is not already answered in this blog post:

PostPosted: 17.02.2014, 05:59
by Lineaddict
Quick question, because i'm working on a mod.

Whenever I try to load my custom mod ingame none of the textures will load. Am I saving the files wrong somehow?

PostPosted: 17.02.2014, 16:11
by HawkGer
Do you mean just the huge texture files meant for the custom objects, or all textures?
Maybe you could provide a download link with a sample texture...

PostPosted: 17.02.2014, 21:42
by Lineaddict
Oh man, sorry. I feel like a noob. I was placing the textures in "">"Mod">"images" as apposed to "">"images". Sorry! You can delete these post if you want.