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Postby HawkGer » 11.12.2013, 00:11

Hey rafale,
custom lights will only be possible with the next update of ManiaPlanet which will come somewhere between January and February. We don't know what customization options will be possible then, but of course we will add as many lights as the editor can hold xD
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Postby rafale » 11.12.2013, 10:45

ok, thanks.
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Postby schwep » 30.12.2013, 16:36


I started to map with titlepack and I find there are missing blocks!
Also I 'm trying to create blocks with Autocad.
But then I don't know at all how to import them into TM2 ..
If anyone knows how to do that?
What size for the block "circuitBase" (I put 1000x1000x250 UNITS, the ratio looks good!)
What file format, where to put etc etc
thank you
Perhaps a tuto ! a link !


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Postby HawkGer » 30.12.2013, 21:47

I haven't watched it yet, but this tutorial should work in terms of general objects creation: Trackmania 2 - Custom Object Import Tutorial [WORKING] - YouTube
And I don't think creating objects with autocad is possible. You have to use a program that supports the fbx plugin and can create lightmap channels. Dunno if autocad works for that, but you can try.
3ds max and Blender are the two programs that work for sure.

Also check here: http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic.php?f=321&t=13673&start=0
That thread is 81 pages long...if you have a question it is probably already answered somewhere in there ^^

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Postby XdaC » 03.01.2014, 22:30

whats about something for deco and atmosphere?
I think some deco-blocks, for a nice and detailed atmosphere, are important for RPGs, or am I the only one who thinks so?
These are some ideas i had in the last few nights:

- different vehicles
like: cars, bikes, trucks, planes, helicopter, ufos, boats, u-boat, trains, busses, ships, snowmobiles, ... and stuff like this
to place them like parked vehicles, "driving" on streets, "flying" in the sky, like an car-accident or something like that

- different animals, in different sizes
i dont think I have to give examples of some animals :P
to place them in a park, zoo, safari, forrest, in the mountains, under water, in the sky, ..., ...

- different sculptures, small and big
like..i dont know..little statues or something like that. or something like "art".
Maybe with some possibilities to drive in/on/through/under/on/next to/.../... big sculptures

and i dont know if this is possible but i think a ring-finish would be nice, and a smaller cp like the small blocks and boosts (nearly as small as the car). i hope you know what i mean
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