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Solo Mode?

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Re: Solo Mode?

Postby gugaruz » 29.03.2014, 19:25

HawkGer wrote:I have to agree with ZiZa here.
First of all the tricks should not be too narrowed down. There are lots of new possibilities with the titlepack. And we have seen with most of the current titlepack tracks that tricks differ quite a lot to TM1 tracks.

Ok, yes , thats true, i see it on several rpgs too.

I think teaching tricks is not even the most important part. Teaching people how to search for the way and how to read paths would be a much more useful lesson imo.

In TM2 the rpgs differs from the classic TM and as you said pathfinding will be more important in tm2 (Many open-world rpgs were released so far) and some tricks to find the path easily are useful then.

RPG relies on a solid atmosphere a lot....and with a small track it is quite hard to produce such realistic atmosphere

Well, I think in TM2 you need more place for a good atmosphere and that means you have less place for the driving part, so my 3 small rpgs have a lenght of 1 min, 1:30, and 1:40
the current mp-count is about 12k
now is the question, if i got your concept that you prefer(and it's not with the new blocks too), otherwise i will stop here with these tracks and build them for one big map for my own. Then i can try a new one, which is more the concect what you prefer :)

@admins: i will send you my map and you can analyse it :)
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Re: Solo Mode?

Postby HawkGer » 29.03.2014, 20:03

okay sounds good. I will have a look at the map.
I think the space problem won't be a problem in TM2 anymore. We will have lights and thus can create closed spaces again which don't need much space. It's not a big issue anyway I would say.
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Re: Solo Mode?

Postby XT3 » 29.03.2014, 20:10

Alright, I like that idea Hawk. I think we should wait till after the next update. Never though this topic would get this much attention. :shock: most of my tracks were mostly practice tracks for others to practice the tricks in a decent track environment. So i cant wait to see more of the objects Hawk. :D
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