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Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 04.12.2013, 01:43
by HawkGer
If you need help with anything other than modding or trackbuilding, you can post in this thread.
Bug reports also go into this thread.

For modding help, go here: Help Centralized Modding Help
For trackbuilding help, go here: Help Centralized TrackBuilding Help

PostPosted: 04.12.2013, 01:48
by HawkGer
Posted by Roman4r today:
I was playing now on Ziza server, when suddenly i lose the connection, and the game returns to the title menu when I recover the connection, enter the multiplayer menu and I can't see buttons to find servers like this:

Maybe is it a intern error, or anywhere..., would be appropriate create a thread for public a bugs or errors...


(had to delete your post and make a new one because of the thread merging, sry)

PostPosted: 04.12.2013, 01:55
by HawkGer
I'm not sure but I thought that this is the normal MP behaviour, that once you lose connection for too long you are not connected to MP anymore and have to restart the game. That's how it is for me too. Not sure if it's a bug...

PostPosted: 08.12.2013, 00:27
by tobiii
how to get the model skins? i dont understand it. i have all custom mods, but i cant see any skin for this mod =)

PostPosted: 08.12.2013, 02:59
by HawkGer
did you get it to work after I told you about the mods page? (main menu --> tracks --> mods)

no option to load rpg titlepack

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 02:15
by madgicman
need help loading rpg titlepack. do i have to buy more stations? i downloaded the rpg titlepack, and when i click on the "dvd" cover there is no option to LOAD rpg titlepack, only an OK button. don't want to spend 5000planets on new station if i don't need to.

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 02:51
by HawkGer
hmm did you click on an empty station in the main menu and clicked "CHOOSE"?
If so then you don't have to buy a new station.
My guess is that either:
- the titlepack is already in some station in the main menu and you just haven't noticed it till now
- you don't own Stadium2

Tell us if you found out anything :)

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 03:46
by madgicman
i bought tm2 stadium through steam. i have no empty stations on main menu, just the stadium station. when i press pageup it goes to the dvd boxes for shootmania,stadium,canyon,valley and rpg. when i click on shootmania,valley and canyon they have a load button and a cancel button. when i click on stadiom or rpg they both have just the ok button, no load button. the main screen only has the stadium title and nothing else, no empty stations. maybe it's just because i bought from steam? problem is not with rpg i'm sure, just wondering if i was missing something obvious

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 04:37
by madgicman
ok, i just googled "trackmania main screen" images and i see what the empty stations look like. i don't have any empty stations. reading online i thought i should have atleast 3 empty stations with every main title i own, but i guess steam version doesn't or something. has anyoneelse bought the steam version of stadium and if so did you have empty stations to use?

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 05:12
by HawkGer
oh in that case, that should be easy to fix. Just go into the stadium title and register the game (somewhere in the profile I think). After that you should have three empty stations in the main menu :)

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 06.05.2014, 12:18
by Roman4r
On new version of title pack, the statistics page does not look right:

Maybe change color of text would be fine

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 06.05.2014, 15:44
by HawkGer
yeah thx, ZiZa will have to look into that and see if it's possible to change it.

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 06.05.2014, 21:28
by gugaruz
i have a problem:
i d want to do the shadowcalculation and then maniaplanet crashes. there are no bug reports or something like that. it just close maniaplanet and you can start the game immediatly.
i tested it on fast/normal an high quality, but the result is the same, mp crashes...
i use the editor without internet connection, maybe that is a reason

btw.: i started dreaming, if i saw the big terrains and 7 scaled bushes and ofc the fantastic crystals and such many wonderful stuff.

cheers gugaruz

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 06.05.2014, 22:55
by HawkGer
there was a problem with the water tubes which caused the crashes when calculating shadows.
It should be fixed now with the latest update. If that is not the case definitely report in here again.

and yeah, I hope you willl have fun and lots of inspiration building with the new blocks :)

@Roman4r, I spoke with ZiZa and apparently the font color can't be changed. Will have to live with what we have I guess...

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 06.05.2014, 23:12
by XT3
I got another one. Just one, actually two i'll show a picture of one later but one I cant. The first one is that its mod related. my starting line lights flicker. in the 64X64 second when I copy over my past map into the new larger map one water bound CP doesn't transfer yet another one in the water does. Let me get a picture in a few

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 07.05.2014, 00:34
by Roman4r
@Hawkger That sad news, also occurs in the Advanced Options panel...

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 25.05.2014, 14:39
by Ra1nOfDe4th

i hope some of you can help me with this problem.
i want my TackMania 1 car in Trackmania 2 but i dont know how. some people say that you can copy paste but that isnt working. i also heard that the "model" of the TrackMania 2 car is different from the TrackMania 1 "model".

i want this car in TrackMania 2. It is a 2D model.

Im sorry for my typo's. Im from the netherlands so english isnt my first language ;)

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 15.01.2015, 16:00
by etek
(sorry for my poor English...)
I was far away RPG and specialy RPG titlepack from a long time cause my old PC had problems since MP3.
Recently, I try playing again but when i launch the RPG title Pack, the list of online server is Empty...

Thanks for reply


Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 15.01.2015, 19:07
by JuliusOctopus
Are you shure the location of the server is choose on "World" ?

Re: Centralized General Help and Bug Report

PostPosted: 17.01.2015, 07:25
by etek
The use of the button "Legacy Browser" fix my problem. I founded the tip in the maniaplanet forum
I have discover that the problem was apparing on all my station and not only on the RPG title.
(except WTC and Stunt, whose have a direct server list)