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Help with finding/making mod? "The Cube"

PostPosted: 11.12.2013, 15:31
by zipzapd

I'm making a map based on the film "The Cube 2"
The map will have 4x4x4 = 64 rooms oriented in x,y,z axes -. All rooms together make one big cube.
Each room is 7*7*5 blocks.
I use RPG-titlepack.
The main buildingblock for the walls are the standard block 5-2-1

I need a good mod for this : the graphics from the film : see here :

Maybe someone wants to help out? Either suggestion of existing mod or maybe make a mod?

PostPosted: 11.12.2013, 16:42
by eie
Baron made a nice map with this mod once.

Unfortunately it seems his locator is dead :s

That's why we always have a mirror :)

This is unfortunately a TMNF/TMUF mod, and wouldn't really be compatible with the title pack, so someone would have to convert it :s

PostPosted: 11.12.2013, 17:35
by XT3
I'd Convert it but I have three mods to convert already. UnderTheSeas[TM2] which is almost done with the object update and my Ghost's Lantern Mod and a surprise gift

PostPosted: 11.12.2013, 20:56
by zipzapd
okey. Thx guyz. I will se what I'll do......

PostPosted: 11.12.2013, 21:25
by XT3
I could do it but it would be later. it seems like I'm converting lots of old mods! :) If there isnt much to change like Grass and Dirt then i could get one out fast I'll Check it later to Day. :D