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Help me please..want to make tracks

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 11:40
by DennisBest
Hello ,

i am new here, i played a lot of tracks RPG , really i like it :D ... but in tm 2 ,i want to create a track like you guys , i don`t have the full version of tm2 , and i don`t can download the objects ... can somebody make a ( rar format ) or ( zip format ) , to download please the objects :?:

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 12:03
by Tabasco
First the topic name" Help me please" is not a title to become helpful answer

Second, you cant test the tracks without TM

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 13:33
by Panasco
Just like Tabasco said - if you want to build Stadium

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 15:12
by maxi031
Title pack dont work like that. If you used same objects but not packed in title, your map will not work with rpg title, you will have to provide download for all the objects you used outside of rpg title.