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ESL: RPG Nightcup #6 (15.2.14)

PostPosted: 09.02.2014, 22:17
by Mario

Since the reintroduction of RPG on ESL we played two Nnghtcups and now we're announcing the next one, which will be held on February the 15th (Saturday)! We will play a brand new map by Reahx: Assassins Creed 3: Boston.

The mode won

PostPosted: 09.02.2014, 23:29
by gugaruz
A little bit short for announcing the cup. 5 days, I hope many players will drive this cup too :)

PostPosted: 10.02.2014, 01:47
by rastaman2s
The track is great, i'll give it a shot. Will be my first cup ever 8) , other cups were fun to watch, so i'll try this one.

PostPosted: 15.02.2014, 07:20
by Suffer
i have a little problem,

i have subscrite on this event but i d'ont have receive the password, why??

PostPosted: 15.02.2014, 09:09
by Reahx
you get the password 10 mins before cup start or something,

PostPosted: 15.02.2014, 16:51
by Suffer
ok ty