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titlepack map vidéo

PostPosted: 27.02.2014, 19:34
by Grimgor
hi all,

Here is a video dedicated to the mappers of the community RPG Trackmania who used the Titlepack created by Hawk_Ger and Ziza.

One big thank you to them 2 for this magnificent evolution of the game. Thank you also in the moddeurs which allow the mappers to create real atmospheres.

This video is for you all ;)

PostPosted: 27.02.2014, 20:41
by Golo
Summertime sadness :love:

Thx for the beautiful vid Grim :)

PostPosted: 27.02.2014, 20:49
by gugaruz
Nice Movie :)
some good views and buildings

I like the last sentence too:
Now you do not have more to run

But some good maps are missing, so i am going to wait for a 2nd part :P