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Rpg Round Race Nr.2 @Tm2rpg

PostPosted: 20.09.2014, 18:32
by kilburn88
Hello Guys,

We will host another Round Race in Tm2, this time at Saturday 27th September at 20.00 CEST.

Maps will be:
- "RPG Portal" by Darkpuddle which will be played 3 times
- "Les mille et une nuits" by manu_19 played twice
Points will be added up each round.

The Race will be played on ZiZa's PubĀ² Rpg/Trial Server (login: zizaspub). Join us and have fun.

Some more information:
- no signup is needed, you can just join and race (even if you missed an earlier round or leave before all rounds are over)
- you can chat during race as much as you want, no chat silence required for a fun event
- people are also welcome to join and spec the race
- no drive or spectator passwords

Regards Kil