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Worlds Records on RPG Map !

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Worlds Records on RPG Map !

Postby JuliusOctopus » 25.09.2014, 21:56

Hi RPG community.

I want create this topic to show everybody how any player can be good in RPG map !
This is why i decide to create a series of video who will be only WR on RPG map.

The only rule :

- Send your WR ( it must be a WR by dedimania, mx exchange, or local records) to my e-mail eternity.youtube@hotmail.fr

Spread this and we going to share to everybody what we can do !

If you want a link to my channel, here it is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCajW3U_rWS7VmC9ZwbMNGkQ
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