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RPG Title Pack Beta Nights

PostPosted: 21.03.2015, 17:45
by maxi031
First edition Saturday 21th 20:00 CET


The makers of RPG Title Pack together with the community have joined forces to organize a bi-weekly Beta Night! Every second Saturday we gather to try out new exciting projects from familiar faces and new aspiring mappers at Ziza's Pub server. Everyone is welcomed!

- Every second Saturday at 20:00 CET in Ziza's Pub server
- 3-5 maps are played per Beta Night
- Beta tracks should have at least 2 minutes of gameplay (when hunting)
- One mapper can have one map played per month
- Submit your map by sending MX id to the admin at the event
- Your map will be skipped if you are not on the server (because we couldn't give you feedback)

Hope to see you there. :hehe:

Re: RPG Title Pack Beta Nights

PostPosted: 22.03.2015, 16:03
by maxi031
Thanks to everyone who joined at opening of beta nights, it was very interesting for me and i hope for you too.

Next beta night is going to be held at 4.4.2015.

There has been little change in the rules, the only way to have your map tested is to send Mx id to some of the server admins during the event.

You better have some maps or ELSE. :hehe2: